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The ‘Less Meat Blog’ is a collaboration between Beth Hoffman and John Hogeland.


BlackWhiteMeBeth Hoffman has been reporting on food and agriculture for more than ten years, airing on NPR, The World, Latino USA, Living on Earth.  She blogs for Forbes as the Hungry Hack and studied the food system in depth as a fellow and co-lecturer in the Africa Reporting Project at UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism.  She has completed several documentary projects including a year cooking with immigrant women in their homes and telling their stories.


John Hogeland is a butcher and the Head of Commercial Sales at Prather Ranch Meat Company.IMG_0073_2



The “teen guinea pigs” are Jacob Hogeland and Antonio Sanahuja.  They would rather be called “food testers” but that is not as fun.IMG_0040



If you would like to contribute to Less Meat, or have an idea for an interesting post (including recipe ideas) please contact Beth at bethaudio(at)gmail.com


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  2. […] cards were stacked against us.  John is a butcher and has access to some of the best raised, tastiest meat there is.  The boys are […]

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